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Edublog Awards 2012

November 26, 2012 by · No Comments · ACTIVITIES

Edublog awards are a great way to highlight worthy reading and valuable resource sites in the virtual education network. I love blogging and social media so I appreciate their support and effort for this. Here are my nominees for this year:
I would like to nominate Aslı Sağlam’s Blog as the “Best Teacher Blog” and Aybike Oğuz’s Blog as the “Best individual Blog”
Good Luck to everyone and happy blogging.

Google Docs #1: Using Flubaroo to Grade a Test

August 1, 2012 by · 2 Comments · TECHNOLOGY, WEB 2.0 TOOLS

I have come across Flubaroo on Larry Ferlazzo’s page today. Since there are no many details on the post, I have decided to go into the details and explore the magic of Flubaroo for my classes. As I deep down the rabbit hole, I’ve seen that Flubaroo involves various useful functions that help a teacher a lot to prepare a test and grade it without any difficulty.

Where to start

- Get a gmail account
- Sign into Google docs with this account
- Click on “Create” and then “Form”

How to create a test

- Give a name to your form
- Type your question the “Question Title” part
- Choose your “question type”
- Click on “Done”
- To add a second question click on “Add item” button at the top
- Go on with the same procedure
- Finally decide on the “Layout” of the test clicking on “Theme” at the top, which is the most enjoyable part of  preparing a test.

How to add a space for Student Information

 - add in the questions (Text) to allow your students to write their names
 - You can insert headers or page breaks on your test from the  “Section Header” / “Page Break” button under “Add item”
I have created quickly this  sample for you to show how it looks like after following these steps.

 How to Grade the students

-  Open the spreadsheet associated with the form.
-  Click “Script” from the insert menu.
-  Type “Flubaroo” in the box at the top, and click the Search button, and then install it.
-  It appears on the spreadsheet when you have finished installing.
-  Choose “Grade Assignment” and enjoy the results.
I hope this short video will help you to understand the basic functions of Flubaroo and how to use Google Docs.
I think this is an absolutely incredible tool to assign the students outside the class in different ways and grade them in a short time. It is possible to prepare reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing tests (except listening, there isn’t any function to add a podcast to the Form.) “Time” is the biggest concern for us, teachers, so such applications saving our precious time are worthful for everyone to put better use on other tasks.

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May 27, 2012 by · 3 Comments · ACTIVITIES, CONFERENCES

To be Plugged or Unplugged? Is this the whole question? Is everything so black and white? What are the ways to integrate these into teaching not only without losing the real communication but also following the newest trends in ELT? These were just some of the questions in my mind while going to the conference held on Yeditepe University this weekend.


The first star on the stage was Scott Thornbury who is the founder of the big idea “Dogme”. He gave a speech about the importance of Dogme both for students and teachers and pointed out something very important that most of us have forgotten nowadays. Do we really take the correct action plans for the students’ engagement and talk or just unburden ourselves by using course books and technology more than ever.

“We are looking for ways of exploiting the learning opportunities offered by the raw material of the classroom that is the language that emerges from the needs, interests, concerns, and desires of the people in the room”
Some Golden Suggestions for the ELT world
1. Don’t complain: You don’t have to be sunny about everything.
2. Ask an unscripted question: If you ask a question the machine begins to feel less like a machine.
3. Count something: If you count something, you find interesting, you will learn something.
4. Write something: By offering your reflections to an audience, even a small one, you make yourself part of a larger world.
5. Change: Be willing to recognize the inadequacies in what you do and to seek out solutions.
Keeping these valuable ideas in mind I will go on looking for how to channel technology into Dogme.  Hope to find many sparkles on this journey.
The second star was Lindsay Clanfield who writes books and materials for English language learners and teachers. His session was interesting in a way that reminded me the old days before technology developed so much. Lindsay looked at Teacher Development from a triangle perspective: Person, Teaching and Language. He underlined that the length of these items may not be equal, which causing a kind of difference among teachers.

It is well known that media has changed the person, teaching and language a lot for 15 years and here is the intelligible summary of the current changes from Lindsay’s point of view:
1. PERSON: Friends- Support Network (PLN) – Self Esteem
2. TEACH: Accessing to materials – sharing/unboxing our own materials – reflecting while writing – asking questions to teachers
3. LANGUAGE: Language trends-exposure to English-Reflection- Sharing
Lindsay finalized his talk suggesting an application called “Outsmarter” to set time limits for addictive websites. It worths keeping in mind since the new innovations on media are multiplying each day.

Looking forward to attending the next conference at Yeditepe University.


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