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Create Timelines Using TimeRime

January 27, 2012 by sultanzeydan · 3 Comments · ACTIVITIES, TECHNOLOGY, WEB 2.0 TOOLS

How to generate new computer based projects for students is an ongoing question in my mind since all the students own a laptop in my classes. Unfortunately their web knowledge is quite restricted with Facebook and Twitter. At this point, it is really important for me to raise their conscious how to be a successful Web User who can do research and use the web tools effectively for their school works and projects.

In this post I would like to share a user friendly and free web tool (Time Rime) that I discovered months ago but didn’t have time to go into. If you are one of those teachers who are looking for new and creative projects, you will certainly like this tool that allows you to create your own interactive, graphical timeline on anything you want. You can learn how to use TimeRime and create a timeline on this YouTube video.


Some Ideas to Use TimeRime in Class

  • At the beginning of each module/term/semester, we meet new students. You can ask your students to create timelines showing their lives in a chronological order. If they wish, they can add images or videos to their timelines.
  • Each unit in the course books are categorized according to topics. It creates a rich environment for teachers to decide on projects and group works. You can divide the class into groups and allocate them different units which they will present the history of something generating a timeline.
  • At the end of the courses, you may tell your students to summarize the whole course and reflect what they have learned in a timeline. I believe it will be also a useful feedback both for teachers and the future courses.
  • The students may prepare timelines about their favorite films, politicians, celebrities or books they read during the course.
The possibilities are endless!!!


                                                                    A Timeline Sample: Biography of Barak Obama                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .
What I really like about TimeRime is it allows you to view timelines that are popular, new, and recently changed. Also after creating your own timeline, you can share it by URL or by embedding in your class blog, wiki, or web page.



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