Ho Ho Ho! Watch This Christmas Through These WebTools

It ‘s already December and we know that it is time to create fruitful tasks for our class in this month. We can guide our students to generate enormous projects about Christmas using various online tools. Here is a fun list that you can assign to your students in this month:
  • Amazing Facts about Christmas: Tell your students to research and prepare a presentation on “Amazing Facts about Christmas” using Prezi.
  • Christmas Crossword: Assign a group of students to prepare a Christmas Crossword Puzzle using Puzzle- Maker. If they wish, they can also create “Word search Puzzle”.
  • Christmas Survey: The students can prepare a questionnaire including questions that they want to ask to their friends by using Survey Monkey.
  • Make a Wish: In groups students generate a wall on Wallwisher and write their wishes for the New Year.
  • Christmas Jokes: Tell each student to find out a Christmas joke and create an avatar telling this joke by using Voki.
  • Christmas Cards: Students can create their own Christmas cards on Picasa, then write their wishes,  and e-mail them to their friends.
  • Compose Your Own Christmas Song: Tell the class to compose their own Christmas songs using Edu.Musicshake. Maybe you arrange a little contest later.
  • Make a Christmas Movie: Divide the class in groups and ask them to make a movie (they will decide on the characters and the plot) using Zimmertwins.
  • Chat with Santa: Your students can chat with Santa on Santabot.
If you have any more original ideas about the topic, please share with us here. Have a fun Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho! Watch This Christmas Through These WebTools

  1. Sultan, you are creative as always. I really need these ideas since my students turned out to be Christmas freak.

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